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We take exceptional pride in the procuring and provisioning of ultra quality precious metals refined by the most exotic and treasured mines around the world.  Here at P. Manoukian, we take these treasured precious materials and design, customize, create and/or co-create unique and beautiful wedding rings and bands equal to the passion of your union-- your marriage.  We are creatively ambitious representing your passion; hence excited to display our fun and flamboyant Chroma Wedding Rings collection {Men & Women}. Rings and bands from top-quality precious metals, designed to ignite your romantic display colorfully. The proven success of P. Manoukian stands on the shoulders of our innovative and creative designs with extraordinary sensitivity for romance.  We understand that your ring and/or band are an expression of your love and journey together.  Your love and journey are reflected by our precious metals and designs.  We don’t take it lightly!

We bolster our designs. Our Designers have the skills to customize your ring and/or band exclusive to your love and expression for your mate and union. We excel in coloring your romance with a sexy display.

Precious Union

When it comes to precious metals from around the world, the foundation of our creative vision is based on your precious union. We have the largest, sexiest, romantic and most creative collection of designs in the world.  Our romantic and precious cache of rings and bands is supported by the avant-garde of our designers at affordable prices. 

Our Chroma Wedding Bands are colorful and sexy with multiple styles; from Graphite to Gold.  This collection of one-hundred and eighty-one styles include sexy colors including Empire Blue, Royal Bliss, Dark Knight Crimson Allure and more dynamic Chroma Colors-offered in multiple diameters.  There are no competitors.

Your Union is Our Union 

When it comes to our creations, collections, and designs, it is our union with your union. It’s a partnership. Your satisfaction is crucial to our goals of providing you and your bride/groom with romantic pride. We are the best at it.

Pride in Your Romance

 Reach out today to our Designers or select your fun, sexy and flamboyant Chroma Wedding Ring and/or Band and experience the ultimate expression of your love and romance. Let us help you find your ring. We look forward to assisting and celebrating the display of your love and lifetime journey!

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