Gunmetal wedding rings look like other sleek, exquisite bands that cost thousands of dollars. But surprisingly, they are inexpensive yet highly durable.

What are Gunmetal Wedding Bands

If you’re shopping for a stunning and very affordable wedding ring but have never heard of gunmetal, here’s some basic facts….

What are Gunmetal Wedding Bands

Also known as red brass, these exquisite rings are actually a type of bronze, composed of the following minerals: copper, tin, and zinc.

Centuries ago, this alloy was used to make, as the name of it suggests, guns. It was also used in the production of cannons.

But today, a select few, innovate jewelers such as P. Manoukian of Los Angeles, are using the material to craft elegant wedding rings that look like they cost several thousand dollars.

Take, for instance, Manoukian’s Moonlit Graphite Rose Gold Wedding Band. Remarkably, it costs under $100.

Don’t let the low price fool you, however. This band is scratch-resistant and made from tungsten, one of the planet’s most durable metals. When considering the price, one may assume that the material and color will fade over time. However, tungsten, being one of the strongest materials, will not tarnish.

Can Men & Women Wear Gunmetal Wedding Bands?

Yes. All of P. Manoukian’s designs are unisex. The bands are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are safe to wear for even the most sensitive skin types. Featuring a vibrant color with a high polish, these wedding rings are a contemporary, unique fashion statement fused with a classic color scheme.

The interior of this Yellow Gold 8mm Wedding Ring band offers a slender, 18k yellow gold unending line around the exterior of the ring. The design represents the endless union between you and your soulmate. Although this ring exudes opulence, it’s cost is only $147, despite its high-gloss finish and brushed-steel production.

Manoukian is the rare jewelry designer that crafts gunmetal wedding rings that appeal to both men and women. In comparison, other jewelers make these metallic bands exceedingly too industrious and masculine and rather unappealing to most feminine tastes.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Each one of P. Manoukian’s designs, including this Galena Moonlit Graphite Rose Gold wedding band ($197) take as little as 3-5 shipping days to arrive. And if you want custom engraving on the interior of the band, it’s only 2 extra shipping days.

You can enhance the band by adding stones, which takes up to 10 business days to craft before shipping to you. Considering how inexpensive these wedding rings are, adding stones to the band keeps you well within budget for a band that will be a conversation starter. (It’s up to you whether or not you want to reveal how little it costs.)

And if you can’t decide on which gunmetal wedding ring you want (or your partner), P. Manoukian can help find the perfect ring for you.

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