Wedding is the most precious moment that brings happiness and joy in everyone’s life. It is very important that on this special moment your purchase should be special, after all the wedding ring is something you will wear for the rest of your life. It could possibly even become a legacy that you will pass on to your children and grandchildren. In addition, it is very important jewelry you will ever own.

Everyone decides a perfectly matched wedding ring, so have you decided on a perfectly matched band to compliment your wedding ring? P.Manoukian brings endless material collection for you, you’ve got Chroma Color, Midnight Rose, Celestial Bloom & Gunmetal collection. You may have a little confusion to find the right choice because every ring has a different and unique design.

Our Chroma Wedding Rings and Bands are colorful and sexy with multiple styles; from Graphite to Gold. This collection of one-hundred and eighty-one styles include sexy colors including Empire Blue, Royal Bliss, Dark Knight Crimson Allure and more dynamic Chroma Colors offered in multiple diameters. Sorry to mention that we have no competitors in the market these days.

Gunmetal wedding rings are very sleek and unique metal. If you are looking best and stunning band in low budget then this would be your choice. Also known as red brass, these exquisite rings are actually a type of bronze, composed of the following minerals: copper, tin, and zinc and it cost under 150$.

P.Manoukian designs are unisex, so everyone can wear it. We are the rare jewelry designer that crafts gunmetal wedding rings that appeal to both men and women. In comparison, other jewelers make these metallic bands exceedingly too industrious and masculine and rather unappealing to most feminine tastes.

We have some other Rose Gold wedding rings collection which is our hot selling and trending product. The hype about Rose Gold Wedding Ring is as real as it can get. You can check it out our Rose Gold rings variety in our website. We have Dark Knight Yellow Gold, Galena Gray Dark Knight Yellow Gold, Gray Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and many more. So select your choice according to you and buy it.

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